Medical personnel will provide on-site first aid and medical assistance if needed.They will be located at the start and near the finish line. Lifeguards on kayaks, SUP’s and boats will be monitoring the water portion of the event.

If you find yourself in need of support  while in the water, simply wave your hand or arms or  swim to the nearest support team member. You may hold on to any support vessel without penalty as long as there is no forward movement. If you need to cut your swim short for any reason, let the water support team member know and give them your race number and they will bring you to back to land.


Let’s get real- We don’t know what we’d do without the fun loving people that come out and give their time to support events. PLEASE show them the utmost respect and freely pass out “Thank you’s” and high 5’s! Know someone that wants to volunteer? Send them here to be a part of Utah’s longest running triathlon series!

Learn more about Volunteering!


See parking section for this race.

Body marking and affixing your bike and bib numbers

Volunteers will be there bright and early to get you marked up before you race! Listen for those enthusiastic people calling out for body marking and head on over to get it done. Your race number will be marked on your left arm.

You must attach the bike number provided in your race packet to your bike. The bike numbers have adhesive on the back that will not harm the paint on your bike frame. Failure to securely attach the number will result in a USAT time penalty. You DO NOT need to wear the bib number during the swim or bike. However, it MUST be worn during the run. Safety pins will be provided at packet pickup.

Relay Teams

*Your entire team must be present together before your packet will be issued.

Relay teams will be issued a single timing chip, bike number, and run bib number. The chip hand-off takes place inside the transition area at the assigned bike rack. You must attach the bike number provided in your race packet to your bike. It has an adhesive backing that will not cause damage to your bike frame. Failure to secure the bike number will result in a USAT time penalty. You DO NOT need to wear the bib number during the bike. However, it MUST be worn during the run.

Transition Area

Attached to the end of each row of bike racks at each transition will be a number plate that has a number range on it. If your bib number falls into that range, you can choose any spot in that row. For example, the number plate may say 315-345. If your bib number falls within that range find a spot!

If possible, rack your bike by placing the nose of your seat on the bike rack so your front tire is sticking out. Please remember, your neighbor needs room too, so please only bring what is needed into the transition area.

Remember There is no bike riding inside the transition area before or during the event. Doing so will result in a time penalty enforced by the USA Triathlon officials. ALSO please help us by letting your family and friends know that they must wait outside the transition area. Thanks for helping us with this!

Leave no Trace

Litter could jeopardize the life of this and any other event. In addition to littering not being cool, USA Triathlon officials may give you a time penalty for littering on the race course.

Please dispose of all trash in proper receptacles. Please clean up any garbage/trash in your transition area and respect the venues that allow us to host these rad events!

All athletes are required to retrieve any gel packet or water bottle that is discarded during the bike. A USAT “abandoning of equipment” time penalty will result if witnessed by a USAT official for littering. Please also keep control of all gel packets on the bike and run.

Nutrition and Aid Stations

There are aid stations located at every mile on the run course. There are no aid stations on the bike course unless the bike course is for a ½ distance race. (56 miles) Each event can vary, but typically there will be water and an electrolyte replacement on the course. Longer courses may have gels, pretzels, cookies and other yummy goodies!


All participants will be timed and will be provided with their swim, bike and run splits, as well as their overall finish time. Instructions for chip use will be provided in your race packet, however you will not receive your chip until race morning.


Preliminary results will be posted at the race site. Official results will be posted on the TriUtah results page the day after the race.


Awards will be given to the top three overall winners of each race. Age group awards and Relay awards are as follows.

Sprint & Olympic Triathlon

Age Group Awards (5 year age groups):

14 & Under, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74,75-79, 80+

Clydesdale & Athena Awards:

39 & Under, 40 & Over

Relay Awards:

Co-ed, Female, Male

USAT Information

For general questions regarding USAT insurance, rules, regulations and membership click on the following link: