Everyone will need to park at the Francis Fairgrounds at 2317 South Spring Hollow Road Francis, Utah 84036. Please note. this address is to the Francis City Hall, the fairgrounds is right behind it. This means all athletes will ride their bikes to the race venue (an easy downhill ~3.5 mile bike ride.) Consider this an opportunity to raise your heart rate before the swim!

Parking WILL NOT be allowed at or inside the Rock Cliff area. The Utah Highway Patrol and Wasatch County Sheriff will be present and ready to ticket and/or tow anyone that even looks like they are going to try and park along Hwy 32. Don’t do it.

IMPORTANT: As it was in previous years, there will NOT be a “drop-off” zone inside the park and athletes will need to ride their bike back to parking after the event.


NO BIKES ARE ALLOWED ON THE SHUTTLES. This means all athletes will ride their bikes to the race venue (an easy downhill ~3.5 mile bike ride.) Consider this an opportunity to raise your heart rate before the swim!

Have you seen the shuttle that Wasatch Kids provides for TriUtah? We’d never have missed school if our busses were this cool! They’ll be picking up friends and family at Francis City Fairgrounds in Francis beginning at 5:45am and ending at 12:30pm. There is a $3 charge for spectators, paid in cash to the driver when loading the shuttle. Please be considerate of the Utah State Park and pay your $3 cash with a smile. It is because of them that we are able to hold this event.

Wasatch Kids offers day camps to kids throughout the Wasatch Front, providing a safe environment where kids can spend their summers with positive role models, while developing their social skills as they make new friends. TriUtah is proud to support this great program. If you feel so inclined, don’t forget to tip your driver.


This is a two-transition event! The transitions are both located within Rock Cliff Recreation area and are only about 1/2 mile from each other. There is no bike drop on Friday.

When you get your goodie bag at packet pick up be sure you write your number on it and bring it to T1 so you can put all of your swim gear in it after you exit the water. When you leave on your bike, we will bring your bag to T2. When you arrive on race morning, please go to T2 and drop all your run gear off before heading all the way to the water.

How do I get my bike back to my car after the race?

Because there is no shuttle service for bikes, athletes must ride their bikes back to parking at the fairgrounds.

Rock Cliff information:

Park Guidelines:

Rock Cliff Nature Area is just that, nature. Everything from the wildlife to the boardwalks will remind you of why you love the outdoors.

Please remember to follow these few important guidelines:


Do not bring your dogs or other pets. Animals are NOT allowed on the buses and are NOT allowed in the general Rock Cliff area, other than along the single paved road. Rock Cliff is a sensitive nature habitat, so please respect this mandate.

Leave no trace:

Litter could jeopardize the life of this and any other event. In addition to littering not being cool, USAT officials may give you a time penalty for littering on the race course.

Please dispose of all trash in proper receptacles. Please clean up any garbage/trash in your transition area and respect the Rock Cliff Nature Area.

All athletes are required to retrieve any gel packet or water bottle that is discarded during the bike. A USAT “abandoning of equipment” time penalty will result if littering is witnessed by a USAT official. Please also keep control of all gel packets on the bike and run.