Dino Triathlon

June 25, 2022, Red Fleet State Park,
8750 N. Hwy 191, Vernal, UT 84078


Sprint Triathlon

750M SWIM – 12.4MI BIKE – 5K RUN

Early Bird 6 Weeks Out 3 Weeks Out 1 Week Out
Individual $69 $79 $89 $99
Price does not include the $5 state park fee.
Add $20 to any registration price and go VIP!

Olympic Triathlon

1500M SWIM – 24.8MI BIKE – 10K RUN

Early Bird 6 Weeks Out 3 Weeks Out 1 Week Out
Individual $79 $89 $99 $109
Relay (per team) $109 $124 $139 $149
Price does not include the $5 state park fee.
Add $20 to any registration price and go VIP!



Skip the lines and save time! Have your event shirt, goodie bag and race bib all delivered to your home. You'll still go to VIP line on race morning and pick up your timing chip and be done lickety split!

This Sounds Rad, Tell Me More!

Come join us for the Dino Tri!

It’s not everyday that you can say you raced where so many dinosaurs roamed the the earth right beneath your feet!

As you drive to Red Fleet State Park, you’ll see signs reminding you of the dinosaurs that once were part of this incredible landscape. Once you enter the Red Fleet State Park, the lake and the rock formations surrounding it are enough to take you to another time. With a great swim location, fast bike and flat run course, Dino Tri surely should be on your calendar!

TriUtah is excited to be a part of this rad race in 2021! Come out and play with us!


Packet Pickup Info

Packet Pickup at Red Fleet State Park (Home of T1)

Maeser Elementary School: 2670 W 1000 N St, Vernal, UT 84078 Optional run gear drop at T2. This is also where you will park on race morning to catch the shuttle. We will have overnight security watching over your gear.  NO UNREGISTERED PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED IN T2.

Bike Check in 4-8pm (Red Fleet State Park and home of T1)

Beat the stress of checking in your bike race morning. Bikes may be left at T1 overnight as we will have security on site all evening.  NO UNREGISTERED PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED IN T1.

Race Day Info

5:00am: T1 at Swim Start Opens. Bike Check-In. Red Fleet State Park.
5:00am-6:00am: T2 Opens at (Maeser Elementary School) This is where you will drop all your run gear, and catch the shuttle.
5:00am-6:15am: Shuttle to Race Start. You will catch the shuttle in Venal at T2/Finish line area. (Maeser Elementary School) The last shuttle will leave at 6:15am SHARP. No bikes are allowed on the shuttles. Please note the $5.00 per person charge (per the state park) that must be paid before getting on the bus.
5:30am-7:00am: Race Day Packet Pick Up. Please do your best to come Friday, but if you can’t, we will have VERY limited packet pick up on race morning at the start line. Please plan on arriving early to avoid lines.

PLEASE remember that USAT REQUIRES that you must show photo ID at packet pickup and your USAT membership card (if you have one). Don’t have a USAT card? No problem, you can purchase a one day or annual USAT license at packet pick up.
You may NOT have someone else pick up your packet for you. We love you, but USAT wins on this one. If you forget yours in the car, you will need to go back and get it.
*Relay teams: your entire team must be present before your packet will be issued

6:00am: T2 closes
6:15am: Last Shuttle leaves T2 to Red Fleet State Park.
7:00am: Olympic race start
7:15am: T1 closes
7:30am: Sprint race start
10:00am: Sprint awards ceremony
10:30am: Olympic awards ceremony

Race Specifics - READ ME!

Course Deets!


Sprint 750m | Olympic 1500m

Just keep swimming…
- Dory

At the swim start, please look for the signs for average swim paces per 100 yards and self seed yourself according to your swimming ability. From here we will be conducting a rolling start. What does this mean? We will funnel athletes through a chute approximately 10 feet wide into the water. Once you cross the timing mat, your race time starts. Why the rolling start? If everyone seeds themselves correctly, it’s safer, reduces congestion, and athletes can start together with friends and family members regardless of age/gender.

The swim takes place at Red Fleet State park at the floating boat docks. Swimmers will enjoy a time trial swim start and will do a rectangular, clockwise manner swim before exiting the water at the boat ramp and running to T1 (1 loop for sprint, 2 loops for Olympic.)  

Lifeguards on kayaks, SUP’s and boats will be monitoring the water portion of the event.

If you find yourself in need of support  while in the water, simply wave your hand/ arms or  swim to the nearest support team member. You may hold on to any support vessel without penalty as long as there is no forward movement. If, for any reason, you need to cut your swim short, let the water support team know and give them your race number. They will bring you to back to land.

Be sure you wear the provided swim cap corresponding to your event distance and swim heat. These caps are issued to you at packet pickup and must be worn during the swim.


Each athlete will be provided a gear bag. YOU MUST mark your bag with your number and place ALL of your swim gear (including your wetsuit) in the bag before leaving T1 on the bike. If your gear bag is not marked, or if you left something out of the bag (like a $400 wetsuit), we will have no idea who’s it is and it will be set-aside at T2. Per USAT rules, you also risk a 2 minute penalty if you do not place all items in your T1 gear bag. DO NOT LEAVE valuable items such as phones, keys, etc. in your gear bag. Because space is limited in T1 and in the transportation vehicles,  will not shuttle down items that were not a necessity for your race. For example: a folding camp chair so you can sit down, to put on your bike shoes is not a necessity, we thank you for the new chair though!

TriUtah staff and the rad volunteers will transport all the bags to T2 for you.


Sprint 12.3 miles | Olympic 24.58 miles

As long as I breathe, I attack…
- Bernard Henault

Sprint bike course:

Enjoy the scenery on this slick course!

Exiting Red Fleet State Park is not a joke! This is a quick, but steep climb out to the HWY where athletes will have 1 full lane closed to traffic. There is one more shorter steep climb before you hit the descent and fly past Steinaker reservoir back to the town of Vernal to get to T2.

There will be UHP manning the highway portion of the bike and other course marshals once you get into town. Although we have permits for this event, we do not own the road for the day and ask that you all be safe and make sound decisions out there. All major intersections along the course will be manned by law enforcement to give cyclists the right-of-way. However, always use caution and follow the direction of the PD.

Olympic bike course:

Enjoy the scenery on this slick course!

Exiting Red Fleet State Park is not a joke! This is a quick, but steep climb out to the HWY where athletes will have 1 full lane closed to traffic. There is one more shorter steep climb before you hit the descent and fly past Steinaker reservoir. Unlike the Sprint course that heads directly to T2, look for the “Course Split” sign and enjoy your ride climbing through Dry Fork Canyon toward the McConkie Ranch Petroglyphs. Once you hit your turnaround you will descend back to Vernal for T2 and to start your run! The last 8 miles of this course is downhill. Please watch your speed, look out for vehicles and wildlife that may hop into the road.

NOTE: There are NO aid stations on the bike course. Please have at least 2 bottles of water on your bike before heading out.


Sprint 3.1 miles | Olympic 6.2 miles

Life is short... running makes it seem longer…
- Baron Hansen

The Dino Tri run course has a few out and backs which is great for keeping your eye on your competition.

The Sprint will be one loop and the Olympic will be two loops. We’re currently wrapping up some logistics and will post more about this as information becomes available.

Your Finish!

Congratulations friends, you finished the TriUtah Dino Tri! We hope you had a great time and have some stories and pics to share with your friends, family and us!

At the finish of your race, please let the volunteers remove your timing chip, drape you with your rad Dino Tri  medal and a cool (literally) towel to cool you off! Grab something cold to drink, some finish line food and exchange stories with your pals. There’ll be vendors and games for you and your family to check out too. We sincerely hope you had a good time and that we see you at the next TriUtah event! Thanks for playing with TriUtah.

Race Specific Details



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