Still Water lake is the home to the following:

  1. Start line
  2.  T1

Jensen Nature Park is the home of the following:

  1. Event parking
  2. Race day packet pick up, body marking and chip pickup.
  3. T2 and Finish line (drop your run gear before heading over to the start line)
    PLAN AHEAD! Your start line is a 3/4-mile walk/bike north from Jensen Nature Park.

Split Transitions and Gear bags:

This is a two-transition event! Because parking is only ¾ mile from the start, there are no shuttles or bike drop the night before this event.

Leave no trace:

Litter could jeopardize the life of this and any other event. In addition to littering not being cool, USAT officials may give you a time penalty for littering on the race course.

Please dispose of all trash in proper receptacles. Please clean up any garbage/trash in your transition area and respect the venues that allow us to host these rad events!

All athletes are required to retrieve any gel packet or water bottle that is discarded during the bike. A USAT “abandoning of equipment” time penalty will result if littering is witnessed by a USAT official. Please also keep control of all gel packets during the bike and run.


You will also need to park at Jensen Nature Park and walk ¾ mile to the start.There is absolutely no parking at the start line or on surrounding roads.


Parking is at Jensen Nature Park in Syracuse. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PARK OR DROP OFF ATHLETES at Still Water Lakes. Be prepared to come early on race day as you will need to ride your bikes to T1. It’s about a 3/4 mile ride to T1 at Still Water Lake Estates. Be sure to bring something to carry all your T1 gear, on your bike, to T1.