What NOT to wear

“What should I wear during a triathlon?” This is one of the most common questions we receive from new triathletes. As you decide what to wear for the race, you need to also think about your transition from swim-to-bike and from bike-to-run. You want to have as short a transition time as possible, but still wear something you will be comfortable in. The best option is possibly tri-shorts and a tri-top (aka singlet). You can wear this underneath your wetsuit. It will dry quickly as you bike and run. You only need to add socks, bike shoes, helmet and sunglasses on the bike. Then as you transition to the run you simply take off the helmet (that’s important because several athletes have actually done the run in their bike helmet!) and change your shoes. Gearing up for a triathlon doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Simply talk to other athletes and get advice and recommendations from them. And it’s always fun to have an excuse to go shopping! One more word of advice, always try out the gear well before your race to make sure it works for you!! Shirt or shorts that are too big or too small (or too anything) will make for a very long race day.

Since 2007, TriUtah has provided our athletes with race shirts made of technical fabric (commonly referred to as DriFit or similar). These shirts ‘wick’ away moisture from your body and help prevent chafing that is common with cotton shirts. Time to relegate those old race shirts to the back of the closet and only pull them out for gardening or painting a room! Once you wear a shirt made of technical fabric, you likely will never go back to cotton! So, the big question is ‘Can I wear the race shirt during the race?’ Absolutely. We love to see our athletes wearing clothing that helps you have the best race day possible!

Hope your training is on-track for the 2009 season!
The TriUtah team

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