The “Lance Effect” and Triathlon – good or bad?

We all know that Lance Armstrong’s recent return to triathlon at the Panama 70.3 brought a lot of media attention.  The folks at TriFuel posted an opinion piece with some pros & cons of Lance re-entering the triathlon arena.  Interesting article, especially for those who have been around triathlon for awhile. Think triathlon is a fringe sport? Might not be so for long, thanks to Lance.  Read on:

One thought on “The “Lance Effect” and Triathlon – good or bad?

  1. Lose – there will always be newbies – the sport is exploding, we were all newbies at one time. The real issue for me with newbies, the bike handling skills. Lance is my hero, he can do alot for the sport. Whether you like him or not, he put cyclying of the US map and will do the same for triathlons. Being along long time runner 38 marathons, my first IM in a couple of months, love the new challenge.

    Go Lance, get Cheryl back

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