Sarah Jarvis – Cache Valley Classic Tri Training Tips #6 (final)

Only a few more days until race day! Unfortunately, the weather isn’t going to cooperate as nicely as we had hoped. As of right now, the weather forecast is for about 55 degrees (in the morning) and a 50% chance of rain/thunderstorms. Please come prepared. I am planning on bringing several layers of clothing, including a rain jacket, so I don’t get cold before the race even starts. I also like to have a couple of plastic bags to cover up my biking and/or running shoes. While it is not the end of the world to race in wet shoes, I prefer not to.

In order to have a good race, I have learned that I need to warm up my body well. After setting up transition, I like to take my bike for a little spin. If you do so, make sure you are wearing your helmet. This is a rule. I ride for about 10-15 minutes easy with a few short sprints in between. I also shift through all of my gears, making sure they are working, and check my breaks. Then I go for a short warm-up run. Again, I do a few accelerations to remind my legs what it feels like to go fast. I also like to stretch before a race but somehow there never seems to be enough time for that. I recommend putting your wetsuit on about 30 minutes before the start. It always takes a while to put it on and I have seen too many people missing their start because they are still trying to squeeze their body into their wetsuit. I try to get into the water about 10-15 minutes before the start and swim a few yards. That way your body can get used to the water temperature. However, don’t get in too early or you might get cold.

In order to recover well and fast, take care of your body right after the race. First, do a little cool down and stretch. Second, replenish your body with a recovery drink or chocolate milk, followed later by a good meal. Third, take an ice bath. If you want to know more about how to recover, I recommend this article by Dustin Williams:

I hope you are going to have a fantastic race on Saturday! Have fun, push yourself, and enjoy the beauty of racing in a triathlon.

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