Moab trail run – water crossing anyone?

We just finished updating all of the maps on the 2012 Moab Triathlon Festival/XTERRA Moab site.  While mapping the trail run, we couldn’t help but think about one of our athlete’s experience with the water crossing in 2011!

For those who haven’t seen it yet, it’s a narrow bridge (if you can call it that) across Faux Falls suspended a few feet above the water. One athlete wasn’t quite sure of her ability to cross it safely so she scooted on her behind while others watched on both sides.  Wish we had a photo!  2012 will bring the same fun.  Remember, all races on June 8-9 (XTERRA Moab Trail Run, XTERRA Moab Full/Sport and Road Sprint/Olympic) use the same off-road run course. Definitely one to remember!

One thought on “Moab trail run – water crossing anyone?

  1. That is an awesome run course! I do remember looking at that “bridge” thinking “you’ve got to be kidding me. Well here goes!”.
    The whole event is great. Definitely an event to return to!

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