Dantley Young – Jordanelle Tri run course preview

Jordanelle Run Course Preview:

Hi All,

I trust everyone is getting ready for a nice weekend! Get some good training in and enjoy a little time off of work! I hope all of you have great buildups to the Jordanelle triathlon which is a week away… I am sad that the summer is drawing to a close in Northern Utah, it always seems as you are just hitting your stride and getting into a great groove the warm weather leaves us and the cooler air joins us,. Nonetheless, we will train on! Right? Ha ha! If you have any big events coming here at the end of the season in warmer locales, Best of Luck and dig the pain cave!

As you are leaving the boat ramp area at Rock Cliff, it is about a half-mile to where the run course loops begin… so if you are racing the Olympic distance event, you will be treated to a shorter day at the office! However, if you are racing the Sprint course you will be racing the standard 5k/3.1miles. As you make your way to the loops it is a ever so slight downhill grade and a very flat first mile all together… after that, all hell will break loose as you make the right hander up the main highway hitting the hills! Remember to tip your head back towards the sky and embrace the hurt coming your way… if your out there, you may as well enjoy it! Once you make it up the hill, it is followed by a slight right hand turn and then a very steep, dirt path descent… once you make it down the shrarpy, you will make a left hand turn into the trees and through the perilous up and downs of the 5/10k run. After you have had your fun in the dirt hills you will hop onto the boardwalk which will take you to the finish line for the sprint or back to the flat for the start of lap two. For some athletes, there are struggles in the heat and inclines which may cause cramping on race day. Anyone that has had this experience in racing knows is no Buena! Make sure on the week of the race you drink plenty of water and take in some electrolyte drinks which would be First Endurance EFS drink, Hammer Heed, GU Brew or whatever is to your liking. Drink at least one serving a day even if your not training as this will help keep your levels topped off… also some athletes use E-caps or something to this extent on race morning and during the race. This will help keep your muscles in order… if it doesn’t help on race day, then you may want to examine your normal every day diet. Ha ha, this seems to always puzzle people! After returning home after your second loop as an Olympic distance athlete, celebrate with your friends, family and children of whoever you brought along! Chris and TriUtah always have an excellent assortment of fruit, bagels, cookies, cool water and electrolyte drinks and much, much more… a very good way to end a hard day at the office!

Thanks for reading everyone and I look forwards to seeing you out at Jordanelle! Be safe out training, remember your smiles and have a good time out there! Keep up your great work and continue to plug away!

Thanks again to Chris and the TriUtah crew, the volunteers and the people behind the scenes who make these races happen!!! You guys truly never get enough credit, Cheers to you!!!

Thanks to The Bike Shoppe, First Endurance and CityWork my incredible sponsors!!!

Cheers, One Love and Be Blessed,


Jah Love! Jah Bless!

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