Dantley Young – Jordanelle Tri bike course & T2 preview

Jordanelle T2 and Bike Course Preview:

Hi All!

I hope you are all set for a great weekend, and if you are racing, I wish you the BEST of Luck out there! Swim like a fish, Ride like you stole it and Run with whatever happens to be left in the tank;) I hope that all of you take the opportunity to go out and support the Tour of Utah, as we are very privileged to have a world class event in our own backyards… I hope to see you out there! After the race is over Saturday the 21st, head over to Park City to watch the down-town Criterium which is stage 4 of The Tour of Utah! It will be lightning fast, and the crits are always a blast to be a part of! For those of you preparing for the TriUtah Jordanelle triathlon, it is always a good idea to preview the course if you can… I know it’s a long ways up there so if you cant, I guess you are stuck with my Bike Course preview. Ha ha! Enjoy!

After getting onto your Stallion ride and head off into the sunrise, you will be treated to a  piece of Pave’ past the park entrance and out onto the main road… once you make the left hand turn you will gradually start an uphill false-flat… be patient with your body as your hips and muscles will still be trying to warm up after the chilly swim. If you aren’t going as fast as you think you should be, give it some time and the speed will come. The bike course winds around the bottom side of Francis with some rollers to warm your legs and get your heart rate up.  If you are racing the sprint you will take a left where Lower River Road meets Highway 35… there was some confusion to this at a race earlier this year. If you are  are racing the Olympic distance event, keep heading out  towards the next town (right at Highway 35) before you meet the turn-around. The bike course is a grueling grind up to the flip… make sure that you are ready to battle the bike on race day, as it isn’t ladies day at the Country Club out there;) Put your head down and enjoy the pain… you will be treated to a nice downhill return on the way  home. The choice of wheels is six’s for this race, as you would have benefit from both lighter wheels going out and benefit from a disc coming home. I don’t think you can go wrong with either type of wheel. Be careful as the road will be open to traffic… make sure that you look around at the four-way stop in Francis, the police will be there helping with traffic and do your part to get home safely! After getting through the stop sign, be ready for a screaming downhill ride back to transition… it is a long, steep hill and you will be flying! Once you have made it through the flat drag to the right hand turn to head back to T2, remember to use caution as athletes will likely be on the run course.

Once you hit T2, rack your bike, throw on your kicks and get ready for a flat beginning to the run, with some hard hills packed in the middle each lap of the run…

I wish you the best of preparations for the event! Train hard, recover harder and smile lotsJ

Thank you to TriUtah!!! Thanks to my  sponsors: First Endurance, Pool n’ Patio, The Bike Shoppe and CityWorks.com!!! You guys are the BEST!!!

Cheers, One Love, Be Blessed

Dantley Young

Jah Love! Jah Bless

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