Dantley Young – Jordanelle Swim Course/T1 Preview

Jordanelle Swim Course and T1 Preview:

Hey All!

I hope all of you had a fantastic race up at Echo last month and that all of your training has been spot on! Not too far away now is the fantastic Jordanlle Triathlon coming up here Saturday August 21st… It is a great place to start your triathlon career, end your season and use as a build up to your next big event. The race is always very competitive as some athletes have been training and racing hard since the spring. It can be used as a great gauge of where your fitness is at, as you will have a shot to race many strong athletes in both the Sprint and Olympic events respectively.  By the end of August, the town of  Francis is quite chilly in the morning… on race day remember to pack some gloves, a long sleeve shirt/jersey and some leggings to keep you warm before the race. Depending where you park on the 21st you may have a good 10 minute ride into transition with a big downhill which may freeze you up a bit… The air temperature will likely be in the low 40’s in the shade so dress accordingly, there is nothing worse than getting shivers before your race and never warming up. Ha ha, you want to be sure to keep those muscles nice and warm before the race so they will fire on all cylinders when the gun goes off!

The swim course is very basic, with a routine triangle… for the Sprint you will have one loop and the Olympic you will have two loops. My recommendation for warming up is: don’t get in the water too early, when you are sure you are ready to hop in and don’t need to take care of anything else go for it. The water will likely be a little chilly and as mentioned before, you don’t want to allow those muscles to tighten and seize up before you start your race. When the gun goes off, remember to stay relaxed and breathe! These are the two greatest pieces of advice I can offer… the washing machine effect will take place for the first 3-4 minutes of the swim while athletes sort themselves out. Be ready for war in the beginning, and expect to get knocked around a bit… its good for you! Ha ha, once things have calmed down a bit and you get a little clean water, start looking for that first buoy so you don’t swim off course… On my third blog for the Echo Triathlon, I left a great link for sighting advice. Watch the video, you will be glad you did! I believe the race starts at 9am instead of  8, the morning will have a chance to warm up a bit. Make sure when you hit the open water or pool this next  week, swim 8-10×25 with your head up out of  the water to get used to the feeling of sighting… try and swim the lengths with your head forward and catching a breath in the forward position, rather than turning your head to the side each time. Remember, you have goggles on and getting a little bit extra to drink never hurt anyone;) Once you have  finished the swim, it’s a quick 25 meter run up the boat ramp and your into T1:) Nice Work!

T1 is at the end of the road, right above the boat ramp… it is located about a half-mile away from the finish line. There is plenty of room there at T1 on a nicely paved road. Bring a towel to put your helmet, your run shoes and anything else you need on the ground underneath your bike. The racks will be assorted by Elite/Age-Group and Sprint/Olympic with your name on the bike rack… a nice little addition that TriUtah always has at their races. Transition will usually close up around 15 minutes before start time of the first Olympic wave, make sure you get to the race in plenty of time so you can enjoy your morning before the race starts. You will race much better if you are relaxed before the start instead of helter-skeltered trying to get things setup;) It will also allow you plenty of time for a last minute potty break if you need it. After you have exited the water, your trusty steed will be waiting for you in T1 ready to rock and roll! Have a great ride out there on the challenging bike course and remember to smile like you mean it out there! Rip it up!

I will be previewing the bike course, T2 and the run course as well… be sure to check it out as they are a bit more challenging psychologically and physically than the swim…Happy training to everyone and I look forwards to seeing you next weekend!

A BIG THANKS to TriUtah for always putting on such excellent events that run smooth as butter!! I also would like to thank the help of my sponsors: Matt Howard at The Bike Shoppe in Ogden, Robert Kunz at First Endurance and  introducing my newest sponsor CityWorks.com… Thanks for your continued support in my young career!!!

Cheers, One Love, Be Blessed,

Dantley Young

Jah Love! Jah Bless!

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