Dantley Young – Echo Triathlon Run Course Preview

Echo Run Course Preview:

Hi All! The TriUtah Echo Triathlon is only 5 days away and I hope that everyone has had great training and an excellent run-up to the event! I have an infectious case of Le Tour De France fever going and I wonder if everyone is jacked up about the ride the same way that I’am, Ha ha! I have already previewed my take on the swim and bike sections of the race, today I will put in my two cents on the run. The run up at Echo is very simple for both the Sprint and the Olympic courses… It is out and back on hard-packed dirt pavement. The fun thing about Echo’s run is that you can never see to far in front of you with the bends of the road going around the lake. It is a good thing if you are in front of your competition but can make it hard if you are behind them. It gives you that little bit of extra confidence being in front as you know that you will not be seen until after you make the turn to come back towards the finish line. Also, it gets a little jumbled with all of the athletes on the run course around about the same time so you can get your inner kharma, kharma khameleon on and blend in with the crowd, ha ha!

The finish line is all the way past transition, so this gives you a chance to run by the spectators, friends and loved ones that are at the race with you!$ For some athletes, this is the best part of their race! Chris and the TriUtah crew always have an outstanding finish line setup with a ton of different goodies, including: fruits, cookies, drinks and so much more! Take the time to enjoy your race after you finish up… after all, you DESERVE it!

I will be posting some open water swim tips a little bit later so keep your eyes peeled! I look forwards to a great race Saturday and cant wait to see you all up there!

Train Hard, Recover Harder! JAH love! JAH bless!


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