Dantley Young – Echo Triathlon bike course preview

Echo Bike Course Preview:

Hi All!

I hope training is going smooth for you and the warm weather is being enjoyed by everyone! I know I’ am loving it! The bike course at TriUtah’s Echo Triathlon is a good challenging ride… I truly believe that Echo is a cyclists paradise.  It requires strength in all aspects of the race with rolling terrain, a long uphill section, a long down hill section that is normally into a strong headwind, followed by the steep rollers back to T2. If you can ride strong, you have to like your chances to stay away from your competition on the flat, out and back run.

Onto the bike just out of transition, you can expect a good hill to get the second leg of the triathlon going, followed by 3-4 miles of rollers along the lake side. After making your way through these hiccups on the road you will make a sweeping right then into a sweeping left underneath the freeway, another right and onto the long uphill section. The wind is usually at the athletes back going up to the turn-a-round… you can look forwards to a very beautiful ride up against the mountain next to you on your left. You get a glimpse of some nice red rock formations protruding out to the road, it is normally quite warm and makes for a nice ride. Once you have wound your way up to the turn, athletes tend to be treated to a pest-like head wind. It can be a bit of a mind game out there, you are looking forwards to a nice long down hill after the long grind up… but the wind takes the nice out of that equation real quick. Ha ha, it’s a good hammer session all the way down the hill as you cruise back to the lake. Once you get under the overpass again, you can expect a couple of leg-breaker hills… they aren’t long , but they are steep and tend to hurt a little bit as you have been on the bike for awhile by this point. Once you make it over these little kickers, you roll your way back to T2 for the run course.

If you are a sissy and have sensitive feet like I do, leave your cycling shoes as your run into transition. Make sure you make a  note of where you racked your bike in the morning… this is a very popular race and with so many athletes competing  it can be hard to remember your row and placement in transition. Make sure that you take some time to go over which way is ‘run out’ to head out for the third leg of the race. There is nothing worse than running a little extra on race day if you don’t have to, but hey, if you happen to be a runner, you may want to run just a bit more, ha ha! Enjoy your run after a good challenging ride!

If you are racing the sprint distance triathlon, you continue under the freeway as you would if you were racing the Olympic distance but your turn-a-round is a bit closer on the uphill straightaway. You will then make a quick ‘U’ and continue back to T2. You still get the leg-breakers on the way back so please enjoy them!

Keep training hard and enjoying life!

Jah Love! Jah Bless!


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