Dantley Young – Cache Valley Classic Tri race report

2010 Cache Valley Race Report: A Long Journey Back Into Racing

What a day and a race to make a comeback into triathlon! It may have been a bit on the chilly side with some nice wind on the bike but at least it didn’t rain… there is nothing like finishing up a triathlon water logged, so I was plenty glad to see, ‘the rain, rain go away and come again another day!’. I recently spent the last eleven months on the couch with a blood disorder that put a quick halt to my triathlon career mid-july of last year, so I was very happy to be back to the swim, bike and run again. The morning started with friendly hello’s with friends I hadn’t seen in a long time before setting up transition in the new T1 and T2 area which I happened to like very much. After getting my gear all ready to go I went for a quick warm up run with my team mate from The Bike Shoppe Nate Baldwin… we went out to the lake to check out the swim course and back towards the damn to see the new dirt road turn off for the finishing section of the run. After getting the shakes out it was time to get the wetsuit on and head for the water for a warm up swim. The water was mighty cold and it was my first open water swim in almost a year so it seemed pretty Brrrrrr when I put my face in. Ha ha, I swam about 200 meters and was noticing my wetsuit was a bit tight on my shoulders since last year as I was unhealthy skinny when I received the suit from Orca last June. Being more at my natural weight I filled the suit out a little tighter and suffered the consequences of making a rookie mistake, lesson be learned to all the first time and triathletes newer to the sport… make sure your wetsuit fits you well and try it on in the shop where you purchase it where a wetsuit fitter can eye you up and make sure you are good to race in it. Any athlete who has made this mistake previously, I feel your pain! My shoulders are pretty sore today, ha ha!

The Swim:

After the Star Spangled Banner the gun went off and it was off to the races! I was with Neal and BJ to the first turn buoy but just before the first turn my shoulders started to seize up in the tightness of the wetsuit and had to stroke a little crazy to get to the end of it… Passed the third buoy I finally remembered who had my QR wetsuit that was bit bigger from a previous sponsorship. My coach Scott Browning had borrowed it for the Echo Triathlon relay last year as he was doing the swim leg for his team. I just smiled and let out a  laugh heading into the second lap finally realizing where it had gone. I came out of the water in 24 minutes about 4 minutes behind the leaders… I made my second mistake by taking so much time putting shoes on at the boat ramp and lost at least a minute or two before heading into transition. I got to my rack and rolled my bike out of t1 onto the pavement with a smile on my face 🙂

The Bike:

Onto the bike course which is very flat for the most part minus the hills on the north side where there are a few steep rolleurs… and we had a rare full blown headwind from the east before making the second right turn for the southbound section of the course making the hills that much tougher. I wasn’t sure what to expect out of myself in a 40k effort having been training for only 5 weeks before the race… my brand new Cervelo P3 from The Bike Shoppe treated me right to the fastest bike split of the day as it felt super stiff and fast. The wind made the second lap of the course much tougher before heading out to the run… The CacheValley Classic bike course  is one of my favorites because it is so flat and fast which makes it easy to roll big gears. I entered in t2 in the 3rd place off the bike behind Weston Woodward and Neal Legler… I had some work ahead of me!

The Run:

I couldn’t feel my quads, calves and feet as they felt a little frosty coming off the bike so it took about two miles to get into a good stride and rhythm, but that little hill headed out from the dam didn’t help either, ha ha! I got to the second aid station and could see Neal and Weston up the road and I was starting to gain on them just before the turn around… I was able to run Weston down just before the steep descent down by the dam but just didn’t have enough real estate to run down Neal on the day. Congratulations to Neal and Weston for a great race!!! And to everyone else who finished!!! It was great to see so many people out with smiles on their facesJ

After the race it was great to catch up with so many friends who I hadn’t had a chance to see in quite some time… It was such a fun day out there and I was so pleased to finish up in second place and having a great race after only a month or so of training. I’am very motivated to keep improving and for the racing aheadJ I will definitely make sure to have a better fitting wetsuit for the next race so I can swim a little bit faster, and keep working to improve faster transition times. I guess you can never transition too fast, right? Ha ha!

Big thanks and congratulations to Chris and the TriUtah team for putting on another great race!!! Outstanding job guys!!! You always put on a great show with great pre-race snacks, schwagg with a friendly atmosphere that is always buzzing! Thanks to all of the volunteers who got up early and braved the cold weather to make sure that we could all have an enjoyable experience on race day, you guys rock!!! I cant forget to mention Carl Horton who always taxis me to the races… thanks again, you’re a stud!!

See you at the races all!

Jah Love! Jah Bless!

Dantley Young

-2008 Silverman Full Distance Champion-

-Top 15 at both 2009 Flordia and Boise 70.3-

-Top Twenty 2008 Ironman Canada in 9.09-

-2009 Echo Triathlon Champion-

-2009 Rage in The Sage Half-Ironman Champion-

-2008 Half-Max Half-Ironman Nat’l Chamion-

-2007 Silverman Full Distance 3rd place-

*racing triathlon since fall of 2007*

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