2009 Woman of Steel Triathletes

As we prepare for the Woman of Steel Triathlon, one of the greatest (and most difficult) tasks is choosing this year’s Woman of Steel Award. Last year, the choice was so difficult that we selected two. This year’s nominees are as impressive as ever. In the pool of nominees this year are inspiring women who have lost an amazing amount of weight, coaches and friends who inspire others to compete at the highest level possible, mothers/daughters/sisters/friends who have overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to even be able to race, and others who simply are examples of perseverance and patience to those close to them.

The Woman of Steel epitomizes why the sport of triathlon and our triathlon community in Utah continues to grow at an amazing rate. The statistics for the 2009 Woman of Steel Triathlon tell the story: 98% of the athletes are from Utah, and ~40% are doing their first triathlon! Another amazing collateral result is the small neighborhood communities of women that are coming together to race. One of the athletes from the 2008 Woman of Steel Triathlon was so excited after the race that she convinced 20 of her neighbors to join her for 2009!

As we get closer to the 2009 race, we’ll begin posting some of the inspirational stories and significant obstacles that our athletes have endured. We guarantee that you’ll be motivated and inspired.

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