USAT Level 1 Coaching clinic – July 27-28

The next USAT Level I coaching clinic in the Rocky Mountain Region will be in Salt Lake City on July 27-28.  Registration opens May 2nd at 9:00AM!

For more info on the USAT website:

To register:—salt-lake-city-ut-2012

2 thoughts on “USAT Level 1 Coaching clinic – July 27-28

  1. I checked your website months ago, several times, to find a level 1 certification clinic somewhere near S.L.C., Utah. The closest I could find was LaJolla, California. I just found out today that one is coming to Salt Lake in July. It says registration is closed, I’m frustrated because I looked,and looked for it but it didn’t show up on the lists. I need to come so badly, is there anyway I could get in? I have been made triathlon coordinator at my club and desperately need this cert! I started looking for locations a year ago, salt lake was not on the list on your website that I went to. Please help me out??????

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