5 thoughts on “From 140.6 to 70.3, Goodbye Iron distance in St. George

  1. what wusses! This was my first ever Ironman in 2010 and I was planning on re-doing it in 2013 – won’t be the same as a half.

  2. That is sad, sad news! St. George Ironman is prestigiously known for being the toughest course out there! If you want easy, go to Florida! Leave the race alone and let the toughest Ironman athletes come enjoy it! I raced it the first year also, and was also planning on racing it again next year. It was the best course ever! I REALLY wish they would leave it alone and go back to the original course! No half iron please.

  3. I’m just glad that they have Tri’s. The organizer put a lot into each one. Perhaps they are better able to serve us by having St. George being a half iron man. I don’t consider it greed if they make changes. I understand change is hard, but let’s all try to understand that they are doing what they feel is best.

    If you don’t like it, get involved and try to organize what you want to happen. :) Thanks for all the organizers, participants and spectators that make all the Triathlons out there happen.

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