3rd Annual TriUtah Ultimate Relay – FRIDAY 8/22/2014

Ultimate Relay: 4 swim/4 bike/4 run- 12 legs and over 130 total miles! Teams of 3-6 athletes will compete on Friday, August 22nd, 2014.  Athletes will travel between Pineview Reservoir, East Canyon Reservoir, Echo Reservoir, Jordanelle Reservoir, and finish in Midway, Utah.
Do you love relays and looking for a way to race together with your friends? This event has it all! Find 2 or more of your friends that like to swim, bike and/or run and mix it up any way you choose. The TriUtah Ultimate Relay is a single-day relay covering over 132 miles of Northern Utah’s best water, roads, and trails!

The event will proceed in triathlon fashion of swimming, biking, and running four times to connect Pineview Reservoir, East Canyon Reservoir, Echo Reservoir, Jordanelle Reservoir and culminate in beautiful Midway, UT with festive finish line activities! FOUR ultimate swims in some of the most beautiful reservoirs in Utah, FOUR ultimate bike rides covering some of the most scenic byways in Northern Utah, and FOUR ultimate trail runs! Teams will consist of 3 – 6 athletes and as many spectators as you can fit into a single vehicle. Grab your friends from the gym, your training group or club and get ready to compete in the Ultimate Relay! Registration will be limited to 300 teams so don’t miss out!


Schedule of Events

Wednesday, August 20 – Packet Pickup

FRIDAY, August 22, 2014

6:00am – Packet-Pickup

6:40am – Pre-race meeting – Cemetery Point, Pineview Reservoir

7:00am SHARP – Mass Start

7:00pm- Course Closes & Awards Ceremony – Midway Town Center Park (Behind Ridleys Store)

Course Details

Where exactly do we start?

The relay will begin at Cemetery Point of Pineview Reservoir near Huntsville, UT. That’s directly west of Huntsville City. As you enter Cemetery Point you will be directed to a large grass/dirt parking lot on the left. From here you can walk in the short 100-200 yards to the beach area where we will begin the race!

Maps and distances can be found in the Race Bible.

Each Swim is 1000 Meters and each Run is 6 miles.  Below is a link of the entire bike route from start to finish.


Will the relay start be a mass, time trial, or wave start format?

After reviewing our total registration numbers and in order to give everyone a solid opportunity to make the distance before sunset, it looks like we are opting to have a mass start.

Will the bike course be open to traffic?

Yes. Athletes are required to follow all traffic laws at intersections unless otherwise indicated (e.g., presence of law enforcement). The bike courses will be open to vehicle traffic. Road closures (if required by permit) will conform as recommended by UDOT, county or other local officials. Any/all required road closures and traffic signage would be contracted through an experienced traffic safety company such as Utah Barricade.

Will any intersections have police or corner marshal support?

As the event grows we hope to be able to have additional support at all intersections to allow athletes to pass unimpeded. However, this year participants are expected to abide by the rules/laws of the roads. There will be police support at the left turn onto Trappers Loop. Hitting any red light will require a pause for your bike leg. Everyone has the same chances of hitting the few lights red/green. There is construction that turns traffic into a one lane road under I-80 in Wanship where the traffic light is about a 3 min wait. There is also a stoplight crossing HWY 40 approaching Midway.

Run Courses

The first 3 run courses will be short double out and backs along trails close to each reservoir. The only non-out-and-back will be the final run in Midway. The run courses are mostly flat with occasional small rolling hills.

Will there be aid stations on the bike and run courses?

Aid stations will be provided with basic hydration product, water, and sponsored energy and food product at each exchange zone. There will be no other aid support on the bike or run courses themselves. However, each run is a double out-and-back allowing athletes to reach the aid station at miles 0, 3, and 6. Each athlete will be expected to carry any needed hydration/nutrition with them on the bike and run (water bottles, Camelbak, Fuel Belt, etc.).

Will the runner’s turnaround aid station will be unsupported? What will be at the aid stations?

The turn-around point on the run at mile 1.5 will be unsupported. However, the aid station will be placed near the exchange area allowing athletes to access it at/near miles 0, 3, and 6 (basically at the midway point of your run). A volunteer will be checking on the aide station on a regular basis to help in keeping cups filled. There will be water, HEED, Hammer Gel, and trail mix.

Additional Info


Swim caps will be provided at packet pickup. The issued cap must be worn during ALL swim legs.


Wetsuits are recommended but not required. Water temperatures will be ~65F.


Start time will be 7:00 AM. For directions, follow the instructions provided for athlete check-in.


To ensure the safety of the participants, and to abide by the permit rules, no team will be allowed to start a new leg of the relay after 7:00 PM. The exception to this rule may be for the final bike into and the final run at Midway City. This decision will be left to the discretion of TriUtah staff members and teams are expected to comply with staff decision. If you are questioning the possibility of finishing the event and find yourself/team in this situation on Saturday, please check in at the nearest Exchange Area.


We want teams to finish together!  After you finish enjoy some pizza (compliments of TriUtah), drinks, fruit, Winder Dairy chocolate milk, and other goodies.  Awards will begin at ~7:00 PM (or when the majority of the teams have finished) in Midway, UT at the finish area/park. Award categories will include: Mens, Womens & Co-Ed Top 3 Teams Overall, with 3 or 6 member teams AND Top 5 Solo Participants.

The first place teams & top 3 Solo winners with the overall quickest time will be given the Ultimate Tri Relay Winners Jersey!


How many of the legs must each person do throughout the event?

Each team member must complete at least 2 of the 12 individual legs of the relay. It is left entirely to the team members to designate who will be swimming, biking, and running at each location.

Can more than one person from each team participate in the various legs?

No. Only one person from each team will be allowed to participate during each of the legs. In other words, only one person from your team will be allowed to swim, bike or run at any given time.

How many members of the opposite gender must be on a co-ed team?

To be eligible for co-ed awards, co-ed teams must consist of the following make-up:

Co-ed teams of 3 = 1
Co-ed teams of 4 = 1
Co-ed teams of 5 or 6 = 2

Will there be formal exchange zones?

Yes. There will be exchange zones at each reservoir. Athletes must exchange by transferring the bracelet from swim-to-bike, bike-to-run, and run-to swim in the designated exchange zones. Only those athletes making the exchange will be allowed in the exchange zone.

Will there be a transition area?

At Pineview there will be an exchange zone large enough to hold each bike for the first bike leg as well as ample room for exchanges to take place. At East Canyon, Echo and Jordanelle Reservoirs, there will be a small exchange area. In the exchange area there will be TriUtah staff and volunteers. The exchange area will not be a traditional transition area in the sense you might think (lots and lots of rack for everyone to hang their bikes). Due to the nature of the event (relay) and the differing fitness levels of those involved, the exchange area will be just a place where a “tag” is made to the next athlete in your group to take his/her turn competing and a few bike racks for temporary use as exchanges take place. Your support vehicle will be required to carry all bicycles involved in the event for your team.

Will there be safety personnel on the course?

Swim locations will be lifeguard supported to USA Triathlon (USAT) standards. Local emergency personnel will be notified of the event. A physician will be available at the start and finish areas of the event and roaming the course.  If you require non-emergency medical assistance please contact the nearest TriUtah staff member or Exchange Area.  For emergencies, call 911.

Will there be restroom facilities on the course?

Some exchange points will have permanent restroom facilities. Port-o-let facilities will be contracted through a reputable supplier and TriUtah will work with the supplier to make sure the adequate amounts of restroom facilities will be available at each exchange point.

Will there be volunteers on the course?

Volunteers will be located at exchange zones and other logistically needed locations.

How many vehicles are allowed for each team?

Each team will be allowed one vehicle on the course. It is recommended that teams use a vehicle such as a van or truck depending on the makeup of your team. Vehicles must prominently display window decals identifying them as an event participating vehicle. Vehicles will be required to follow designated vehicle routes will be posted in the Athlete Information Guide/Race Bible.

Will all team members be allowed to finish together?

Yes! It is encouraged that all team members join in for the final dash to the finish line. After passing under the finish line each team member will receive a finisher medal (must be present) followed by a team photo, opportunity for food, drinks, massages, music, and awards!

What can team members offer as support to athletes on the course?

Technically, this event is a non-supported race. However, we will make exceptions for nutrition. All athletes on bikes must carry a cell phone!  If you are running low on water, you will be able to call your support vehicle to provide extra hydration. Please note that we are required to follow ALL traffic laws. If you are in need of support, proceed to the closest public parking area, business location, turnoff, etc. We ask that your support vehicle not simply pull to the side of the road to take care of you as this creates potential dangers to other cyclists and motorists.

Are there bike-specific rules?

Yes.  No drafting (3 bike lengths between you and the nearest bike in front of you). Do not ride “side by side” for any portion of the event.  Hwy 32 from Wanship to Kamas specifically requires single file riding for your safety.  Do not wear ear phones for music.  All athletes must wear an approved helmet.

Do we need to bring cash for the State Park entry fees at Pineview, East Canyon, Echo, and Joranelle or is the park entry covered by the event?

Entry to parks is covered by your race entry.

Can teams finish together?

You’ll do the event as a team so why not finish together as a team?  We hope you will want to.


Will the solo support crew be allowed into the exchange zone to setup in anticipation of the solo athlete? If so, how many will be allowed in and how far in advance of the athlete arriving can they setup?

One solo support person will be allowed in transition prior to the athlete entering and after the individual participants have left.

Will solo athlete support vehicle be allowed to cruise the shoulder to stick with the athlete or must it drive normal, slowing down or pulling over solely to provide “assistance”?

Due to local restrictions the support vehicles will only be allowed to pull over in public locations and must travel the speed limit.

Will solo athletes have to run through transition to enter the swim?

All athletes, solo and relay must pass through transition areas. All exchanges will need to take place in the designated transition zone.

Will solo support crew members be allowed to support the athlete on the run, i.e. handing athlete specific nutrition, or will “outside assistance” rules apply?

“Outside assistance” rules will apply meaning that when athletes are on the course, they are competing solo. The exception is that assistance/aid may be offered at official exchange zones and aid stations only.

Will there be time cutoffs? If so, will they be different for solo athletes than the teams?

The time cut-offs are based on daylight hours and will apply to all participants, solo and relay. Our permitting is for daylight hours only.  See “Cut Off Times” above.