East Canyon Triathlon


2017 East Canyon Triathlon

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June 10, 2017


Welcome to the 5th Annual East Canyon Triathlon! This race boasts stunning scenery with a fast, technical bike course, and hometown hospitality like no other; with both sprint and Intermediate/Olympic distance races to choose from.  This event is a two transition point to point race beginning at beautiful East Canyon Reservoir.  The sprint bike is downhill and fast.  The Olympic bike course has two short challenging hills followed by a downhill fast decent to Morgan City. Both distances offer a scenic run along the Weber River and local neighborhoods.  We look forward to seeing you there!


Over $2500 of random prizes will be distributed to participants this year!


Schedule of Events

Thursday, June 8th

6:00 – 8:00PM – Packet Pick-up – Wasatch Running Center, 9000 South State Street, Sandy, Utah.


Friday, June 9th
6:00 – 8:00 PM – Packet Pickup and Bike Check-In (East Canyon North Marina & home of T1).  Bikes may be left at T1 overnight.  Security personnel will be onsite all evening.  NO-ONE is allowed in T1 or T2 without their race number.

7:00 PM – Official East Canyon Triathlon Orientation Meeting at East Canyon Marina, HOSTED BY ANNA NAMEKEY and the Wasatch Tri Club!

5:00 AM – 7:45 AM – T1 at Swim Start Opens. Bike Check-In. East Canyon North Marina
5:30 AM – 7:00 AM – T2 Open at Riverside Park in Morgan City
5:30 AM – 7:00 AM – Body Marking and Timing Chip Pickup at Riverside Park (you must pick up your chip at Riverside Park (home of T2 & Finish Line)
5:30 AM – 6:30 AM: Limited Packet-Pickup at T2 in Riverside Park (also home of the race finish-line)

Because of the nature of this venue having two transition areas, we HIGHLY recommend that you pick-up your packet on Thursday and Friday so that you can set up your gear Friday evening and Saturday morning at both transition areas.

6:15 AM – Shuttles to Race Start (You will catch the shuttle in Morgan City at the finish line area in Riverside Park). The last shuttle will leave at 7:00am.  No bikes are allowed on the shuttles.

7:30 AM – Last Shuttle Arrives at East Canyon Resort

7:45 AM –  T2 closes

8:00 AM – Olympic Race Start

8:45 AM – Sprint Race Start

NOTE: We will be conducting a rolling start. This means we will funnel athletes through a chute approximately 10 feet wide. Once you cross the timing mat, you will start the race. Please seed yourself according to your swimming ability. We will have signs posted to seed yourself based on your average swim time per 100 yards. Why the rolling start? It’s safer, reduces congestion, and athletes can start together with friends and family members.

10:30 AM – Sprint Awards Ceremony

11:00 AM – Olympic Awards Ceremony



This is a two-transition event! You have the option to have someone drop you off with your bike at T1 at East Canyon Marina, OR You may ride the shuttle from Riverside Park to Race Start at East Canyon on the morning of the race, starting at 5:00am.

T2 & The finish-line are located at Riverside Park. You may also check in your bike Friday evening at T1. We will have security personnel at T1 to look after bicycles.

There is limited space for spectators at the start. Any spectators at the swim start will be REQUIRED to wait until ALL swimmers have exited T1 and are on the bike course before they are allowed to leave the swim venue. So plan on staying and cheering on the athletes as the exit the swim!

Spectators will also have to drive a separate route back to Morgan, through Hennifer, to limit traffic on the bike course. Or, wait until the last cyclist has left the T1 area.

T1 is a “clean transition”. This means you will be provided a large bag to both carry your gear to the race start and to stuff your gear into for us to transport to the finish for you. YOU MUST place all your gear in the bag upon leaving on your bike in T1 to ensure your gear is taken to the finish area. Each bag will have your number affixed to it to avoid any confusion.

T2 will also be open on Friday evening and Saturday morning for you to turn in your gear bags at your assigned location on bike racks.

You will receive 1 bag:

T1 SWIM Gear Bag – we will be transporting your swim gear from T1 to the finish area for you. This Gear bag will have your race bib number on it. Please be sure to stuff your wetsuit, goggles, flipflops, etc etc into this bag and leave it at your assigned spot in T1. Our staff will retrieve the bags when the swim is completed and deliver them to the finish for you. DO NOT LEAVE Valuable items such as phones, keys, etc. in your T1 swim bag.

Course Details

The Swim starts at East Canyon Reservoir marina and boat ramp. Swimmers will enjoy an open water swim start and will head northeast in a triangular counter-clockwise manner (750 meter Sprint, 1.5k Olympic), and will exit the water
at the boat ramp. (1 loop for sprint, 2 loops for Olympic)

NOTE: Depending on the water level this year, we may have a shoe drop zone. Details will come closer to race day. The swim exit will have carpet up to T1.

Water temps in late August range from 64-69 degrees.

As referenced above, you will be provided a T1 Gear bag. This bag will be yours to stuff all of your swim gear into prior to leaving on the bike. We will collect these bags and transport them to the finish area. If you do not stuff your gear, it is most likely to get lost.  You also risk a 2 minute penalty if you do not place all items in your T1 bag.

The bike course is fast! Sprint Distance cyclists will head right out of the marina, downhill to Morgan City and T2, While Olympic cyclists will turn right and head East, climb a small steep winding hill, then south toward the East Canyon Resort
for 6 miles, then make a U-turn and head back to the Marina. After passing the Marina at mile 12, cyclists will join the sprint distance course and head past the dam, and speed downhill for 12 miles into Morgan City. Both sprint and Olympic distance races will travel along the same route and finish at Riverside Park to T2.

NOTE: The first few turns heading downhill toward East Canyon are STEEP and TIGHT.  Be careful!  We recommend you drive the course before race day to know the course!

Olympic Bike Course

Sprint Bike Course

For T2, you will have your assigned rack area where you can place your running and transition gear.

The Run course for both sprint and Olympic events are out and back courses, running along the beautiful Weber River and local streets.  The run is slightly uphill for the first half, and downhill on the second half.

Olympic Run Course

Sprint Run Course

All finishers will receive a sweet rally towel to cool you off, sweet custom dye cast finisher medal, division awards, amazing post race pizza and food from Pyro Maniacs Pizza, post event giveaways, and race t-shirt!

Parking and Bussing

On Saturday morning, drop off of athletes at East Canyon Marina is allowed, but vehicle parking is extremely limited. Spectators should plan on driving into Morgan City to Riverside Park and catch the shuttle. Plus, Riverside Park is the only place to pick-up your timing chip! If spectators drive to the venue, they will have to wait until ALL athletes have left the swim venue before they can exit East Canyon. Spectators who drive to the swim start will also be required to head to Morgan via Hennifer and will NOT be allowed to drive down the canyon on the bike course.

PARKING IN MORGAN-  on Race Day, ALL PARKING in Morgan will be at the HIGH SCHOOL just southeast of the Park. Anyone parking at the bowling alley will be towed without question. So please park at the high school and walk to the park.

Shuttles will be available to take supporters to the finish area.  However, they will most likely NOT make it in time to see athletes arrive at T2 (due to the fast nature of the bike course).

The Utah Highway Patrol and Weber County Sheriff will be present and ready to ticket and tow anyone who parks on the roads leading into East Canyon Resort.

**Please Plan ahead as you will need to either drop your bike off and set up your gear Friday Evening (recommended) or have a driver drop you off on race morning. It will be much easier and less-stressful if you arrive Friday evening and checkin your bikes, set up your gear, and then plan on riding the shuttle on race day morning.

NOTE: If you choose to park at East Canyon Marina, you will be required to pay a parking fee.

There will be designated parking areas at East Canyon and in Morgan.

Packet Pickup

Thursday 6pm – 8pm – Wasatch Running Center, 90th South & State Street, Sandy UT

Friday 6pm – 9pm – East Canyon Marina (also Bike Check-In)

You will receive your race packet (includes bib number, bike number, race information, etc), swim cap, race technical shirt, etc.

(NOTE: Body Marking will take place on Friday Evening and Saturday Morning. Timing chip Saturday ONLY at T2 before you hop on the Shuttle in Morgan at Riverside Park).

CHIP PICKUP: Will be available just before boarding the shuttle at T2.  Chips WILL NOT be available at T1.


Per USA Triathlon rules, you MUST have current photo ID at packet pickup. You
MUST pick up your packet in person. You may not have someone else pick up your packet for you. NO PHOTO ID, NO RACE, period.

Additional Info

Aid stations will be located at the exit of the transition area, and at every mile on the run course. There will not be an aid station on the bike course and each cyclist is advised to carry at least one water bottle (two for Olympic distance). Each athlete will receive a bottle of water in their packet and food at the finish line.
Awards will be presented to the Top 3 Overall Male and Female in each event, as well as the Top 3 finishers in each age-group from each distance. M&F 19+under, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, clydesdale & athena!

You must attach the bike number provided in your race packet to your bike. The bike numbers have adhesive on the back that will not harm the paint on your bike frame. Failure to securely attach the number will result in a USAT time penalty. You DO NOT need to wear the bib number during the swim or bike. However, it MUST be worn during the run. Safety pins will be provided at packet pickup.

To reduce congestion at swim start, you will have the opportunity to have your body marked Friday Evening or on Race Day Morning – both will be at Packet Pick-Up.

You will be body marked on your shoulders and legs, indicating your race number, event, and age. You may then proceed to the transition area and arrange your equipment. No unregistered individuals will be allowed in the transition area for safety and liability purposes.

TIMING CHIP PICKUP: Will be available just before boarding the shuttle at T2.  Chips WILL NOT be available at T1. 


TriUtah believes in giving back to the community. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the local school and civic organizations in Morgan County.

In case of inclement weather, the race directors reserve the right to modify or cancel any portion of the triathlon if weather or course conditions compromise athlete safety.
East Canyon Resort offers rentals of condos and RV hookups. They can be reached at www.eastcanyon.com In addition, The East Canyon State Park offers excellent camping within walking distance of the swim start and marina.
Medical personnel will be on-site. Certified lifeguards will be present during the swim on watercraft and kayaks.

At packet pickup, please have all team members present. You will not be given your race packet until all team members are present. Each relay team member will wait inside the transition area at your team’s bike rack location where you will transfer your timing chip from one team member to another. Each team will be issued one swim cap, one bike number, one bib number, and one timing chip. Each relay team (either 2- or 3-person) will be issued a single timing chip. The timing chip will act as the relay “baton”. The chip hand-off will take place at your assigned bike rack location corresponding to your bike/bib number.
Swim caps corresponding to your event distance and swim heat. These caps are issued to you at packet pickup and must be worn during the swim.
Electronic chip timing of the event will be provided by Sportstats. All participants will be timed and will be provided with 5 splits (swim, T1, Bike, T2, Run). Results will be posted on Saturday at sportstats.ca AND on the TriUtah Website. Instructions for chip use will be provided in your race packet.
There are two transition areas. In T1, your number will be affixed to the bike racks where you will be assigned to place your bike and gear.

In T2 in Morgan, you will also have assigned locations to rack your bike/run transition.
For general questions regarding USAT insurance, rules, regulations and membership click on the following link: http://www.usatriathlon.org

What Athletes Need to Know About Insurance Coverage: When an athlete purchases an annual USAT license or one-day permit, a portion of those fees goes to cover the cost to provide them with excess medical insurance. This coverage only extends to their participation in a USA Triathlon sanctioned event.


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