What a loser!

Losing weight like those on the Biggest Loser isn’t always the most healthy way to go about it.  Here’s a nice article about a BYU alum’s experience on the show:   At the end of the article, there’s a great list of healthy habits that we all should have, especially as we train for our […]

Like we all need more “baggage”…

Actually, if you’re a triathlete, yes, you do.  I know we should rename ourselves “try-athletes”, but here are a few things that are actually a good idea to have for training and racing.  The speed laces are an especially good idea. Too many athletes forget that transitions are the “4th” sport in triathlon, and […]

Go Commando in your triathlon training- no, not that kind….

Sometimes it just feels good to not have to find and put on all that electronic equipment when you’re getting ready for a ride or run.  They call it “triathlon zen”. Read on:  Remember that any sort of music device is a violation of USA Triathlon rules, so you should practice training without it. […]

First triathlon? What you should know!

Eric Purrington from ESPN wrote a funny article about triathlon & triathletes, and what he found after before/during/after his first triathlon. A good read for triathletes of all experience levels.  And spandex? You betcha!  Here’s the link:  

USAT Level 1 Coaching clinic – July 27-28

The next USAT Level I coaching clinic in the Rocky Mountain Region will be in Salt Lake City on July 27-28.  Registration opens May 2nd at 9:00AM! For more info on the USAT website: To register:—salt-lake-city-ut-2012

Learning to love the swim – how?

Great article on BeginningTriathlete about learning to love open water swimming. We know that fear of the open water is one of the main reasons that keeps people from doing an open water triathlon! Maybe this article will help you and your friends become more comfortable without the line in the bottom of the pool.  […]

Time for open water! Psyche yourself up!

Everyone will be transitioning from the warm, clear, lane-lined pools to the dark, semi-clear(?) open water in the next few months!  To help you get ready for open water, here’s a nice introduction to open water training and the associated mind-games:

Mooooooo…chocolate style featuring Mirinda Carfrae

Always nice to see professional triathletes making their way into mainstream media! Check out this article on the benefits of chocolate milk for training and the video featuring pro triathlete Mirinda Carfrae. We’ve known about the benefits for years. The marketing folks finally figured out that big kids (okay, adult athletes) like chocolate milk too! […]

Triathlon is trending!

To pull from the Twitter buzzword, triathlon is trending, here to stay and continuing to grow!  Check out the Top 15 Fitness Trends for 2012 put together by Intermountain Sports Medicine: Check out #3 and #1 on the list! If you’ve been thinking about the Ultimate Relay, it’s time to get your team together […]