Author: Dan Aamodt

WOS podcast, final update

The 2009 Bank of American Fork Woman of Steel podcast is up!  Get it here: The Final Update has also been sent.  If you are not on our email list, 1) add your email at the top of our webpage and 2) find the latest update here:

Goals, goals, goals

I admit that I have some “A” type personality traits. One of those traits is that I am goal driven. I returned to college after a 2 year break. Upon my return I had a new passion and determination for keeping myself physically fit. At times I have worked hard, and at other times… well, […]

Ridin’, Runnin’ the WOS

We went and rode the Woman of Steel bike course today. There’s no construction along the course, and everything looks good to go! We also ran the run course.  No issues!  The good folks at the American Fork Fitness Center (AFFC) are taking off the bubble over the pool the next few days, and the […]

Pink pig!

We just got word that once again the Bank of American Fork pink pig balloon will be flying high above the 2009 Woman of Steel Triathlon! There are so many neat things happening with Woman of Steel this year. We’ve some great causes to donate towards (more on that later), and just wait until you […]

Bicycle, Bicycle

“What type of bike do I need for a triathlon?” The quick answer is that, practically speaking, you only need a bike that has two wheels and is safe to operate. We see all types of bikes in the transition area from athletes who grabbed their child’s mountain bike and helmet for the race, to […]

What NOT to wear

“What should I wear during a triathlon?” This is one of the most common questions we receive from new triathletes. As you decide what to wear for the race, you need to also think about your transition from swim-to-bike and from bike-to-run. You want to have as short a transition time as possible, but still […]

2009 Woman of Steel Triathletes

As we prepare for the Woman of Steel Triathlon, one of the greatest (and most difficult) tasks is choosing this year’s Woman of Steel Award. Last year, the choice was so difficult that we selected two. This year’s nominees are as impressive as ever. In the pool of nominees this year are inspiring women who […]