Author: Chris Bowerbank

What a loser!

Losing weight like those on the Biggest Loser isn’t always the most healthy way to go about it.  Here’s a nice article about a BYU alum’s experience on the show:   At the end of the article, there’s a great list of healthy habits that we all should have, especially as we train for our […]

Like we all need more “baggage”…

Actually, if you’re a triathlete, yes, you do.  I know we should rename ourselves “try-athletes”, but here are a few things that are actually a good idea to have for training and racing.  The speed laces are an especially good idea. Too many athletes forget that transitions are the “4th” sport in triathlon, and […]

Go Commando in your triathlon training- no, not that kind….

Sometimes it just feels good to not have to find and put on all that electronic equipment when you’re getting ready for a ride or run.  They call it “triathlon zen”. Read on:  Remember that any sort of music device is a violation of USA Triathlon rules, so you should practice training without it. […]

First triathlon? What you should know!

Eric Purrington from ESPN wrote a funny article about triathlon & triathletes, and what he found after before/during/after his first triathlon. A good read for triathletes of all experience levels.  And spandex? You betcha!  Here’s the link:  

USAT Level 1 Coaching clinic – July 27-28

The next USAT Level I coaching clinic in the Rocky Mountain Region will be in Salt Lake City on July 27-28.  Registration opens May 2nd at 9:00AM! For more info on the USAT website: To register:—salt-lake-city-ut-2012